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10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Self Storage

10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Self Storage


1. Self-storage is a booming business in the United States. 

People are on the move like never before. Statistics show that the average homeowner will stay in the same house for less than four years. This type of situation creates logistical challenges for average people that are as complex as they are for businesses.


2. Everyone will need a storage unit at some point. 

You get a new job and have to report to work 1000 miles away-right now. Your spouse and kids can stay with Aunt Mary if the house suddenly sells quickly, but what do you do with your stuff? This is just one of many realistic scenarios about the need for a cheap place for your stuff.

3. Storage units give the small business owner a big cost advantage.

You wouldn’t have two of the same car so you could drive the second one once a month. So why would you rent an extra room for your business if you only go in that room to get things once a week?  For the price of renting a few square feet of office or warehouse space, you can rent a good-size storage unit to keep all those extra things.

4. Countless options are available cheap. 

Some storage complexes may require up-front payments for the last month’s rent, but very often, they will only charge you a dollar for at least one of the months you are there as a way to attract you to a lease. Many units rent for about 20 dollars a month

5. Self-storage units are as secure as any typical building. 

Any decent self-storage complex will be fenced, usually with barbed wire and have a gate that requires an access code for entry. This makes a complex as secure as any building. A storage complex has many tenants, each of whom have no particular schedules. That means more witnesses to potential crimes. Furthermore, due to the stigma of potential crimes, local police tend to check in more often.

6. A way to keep that stuff that your spouse hates. 

Maybe he complains all the time about that thing you bought that is in the way in the garage. Maybe she said if you don’t use that thing in the basement she’s going to throw it away the next time you’re away on business. A storage unit is a cheap and easy answer to the problem of partners objecting to your possessions. Get the items out of site and they’ll be out of your partner’s mind.

7. A business can have a warehouse without the warehouse with a storage unit.

No more getting bullied by landlords to rent more space than you need. And no more paying more rent than you need to, either. You can rent storage units in just about any size, and you can segregate different material and products in different units. Maybe you want to restrict employee access to specific products-this is easily done by having different units.

8. Security is someone else’s expense and headache. 

Any well-managed storage complex will have a manager who is either on site or who makes regular rounds to different complexes that are owned by the company. The company is in charge of security, so you don’t have to worry about hiring guards, installing costly cameras or monitoring activity. This preserves peace of mind for the individual and lets the business owner stay focused on business.

9. A highly competitive market will keep prices low.

Storage units are everywhere. And in every metro area, more units are being built. This is one of the perks of our transient society. Folks are always in transition and always in need of short-term storage. Complexes need to maintain high standards to keep your business. Others just need storage because they have a lot of stuff.

10. Storage complexes like long-term renters. 

Apartments are always cheaper when you lease. And land lords usually tend to favor folks who stay for the long term and who pay on time. A storage complex is no different. Owners want to have a certain number of long-term tenants because it secures a certain amount of steady income that keeps their bankers happy, especially if they themselves are subleasing the units or the land beneath them. Less renter-turnover also means less paperwork.

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Renovation and Self-Storage Tips that Work

Renovation and Self-Storage Tips that Work

renovationHome or apartment renovation projects can be both a really exciting time and a really stressful time. In addition to needing to find ensure that you have all of the renovation details figured out (cost, tools, materials and professional help) you often need to find places to store all of your furniture (and sometimes even yourself)  while the renovation takes place.


Too many people decide on approaching renovation projects in stages, moving furniture completely out of one space and into another, then repeating that process in order to make room for the next phase of renovation. It can be tedious, troublesome, time consuming and can cost more if one is paying for labor or even doing it yourself. A great and inexpensive solution is to store your furniture and belongings in self-storage while you tackle the entire renovation project at once. It creates more room to get work done and will ensure your most valued possessions are safe from chipping, scratching and even breakage.

Here are some tips to get self-storage for renovation projects done quickly and efficiently:

Look for the best deals in town.

Some self-storage business offer long term discounts on your self-storage needs, but if you’re remodeling your home or apartment it probably means you won’t need to rent a space for more than a month or so. Look for self-storage solutions that best accommodate your needs. If you know the project will be done in a week then shop for weekly or daily plans and compare prices. Be sure to factor in a few days (or maybe a whole week) around your project just to stay on the safe side. You never know what can happen to delay your renovation project.

Choose the right boxes and packaging materials

When you’re packaging items short term you don’t want to skimp on packing material or choosing the right type and size of boxes. You’ll likely move things in and out of storage quickly and if you’ve packed things incorrectly you increase the chances of breaking something along the way. Consider plastic furniture covers and cardboard dividers for dishes or other small and fragile pieces you own. The last thing you want when redecorating your newly renovated space is finding that your favorite decorations have been broken because you decided to pack things in used fruit boxes you found behind the grocery store.

Consider mobile storage

More and more self-storage facilities offer a service where a mobile storage unit is delivered to your house where you could easily load your packaged materials. Whenever you’re done self-storing your items the container is driven back to a secure facility for as long as you need and usually with the same flexible access you’d find in a walk or drive up storage facility. Whenever your renovation project is complete the mobile storage unit is delivered back to your house where you can then unload.

Keep your important documents easy to find

If your renovation project is quite large and requires you to put some important financial, personal or work documents in storage, be sure you properly mark the contents of each box and leave them where you can easily reach them. There’s nothing worse than finding out you absolutely need to find some important files and remembering that they were among the first things you packed and stored… near the back end of your storage unit. It happens to all of us at least once, so just keep this as a reminder when you’re finally storing those items. Ideally, try to keep them as close to the entrance of your unit as possible. Worst case scenario you may have to go through a box or two (if they aren’t marked properly) but at least you’ll be able to reach them easily.


If you are adding renovation projects to your list for this or next year, be sure to also add self-storage solutions at the top of the list. Doing so will help you budget appropriately and help remind you that it’s never too early to shop around for the best deals in town. It’s significantly much easier to work with a blank space than to work around cluttered items throughout the space. Don’t keep your possessions around where they could get damaged. Store your items in self-storage and get your renovation done right!

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Select a Smart Self-Storage Solution

Select a Smart Self-Storage Solution

storage brisbaneConsumers’ self-storage options have grown in great strides in recent years. These days, there’s much more to selecting a storage option than simply unloading your belongings into a concrete box and clicking the lock.


What to store?

First, you want to consider the items you wish to store. These could be pieces of furniture after a recent move, downsizing or during home renovations. They could be a loved one’s belongings after he/she has passed on. No room in the garage for the motorcycle or convertible during the winter months? Self-storage could be the answer. Self-storage is also handy for business owners who have old records, archives, extra stock, tools or office furniture to store.

The type of items to store should influence the type of storage facility you choose. The more valuable the items, the more diligent you should be in selecting appropriate self-storage companies.

Speak directly with the self-storage facility owners and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. Inquire about their security system, the surrounding neighbourhood, whether or not they have staff on site around the clock. Is the property gated? Have they experienced break-ins? Is there any kind of insurance coverage in place? Is it open seven days a week so you can have access to your belongings whenever you need them?

Depending on the facility and your needs, self-storage options can range from a simple locker to a double garage and larger. Do take the time to discuss your needs with the owners. Some companies have an on-site caretaker tending to the storage facilities for the consumers’ additional piece of mind. In the case of business storage solutions, shelving may be available for your unit to keep your documents or archives organized and easily accessible. Are you storing heavy or awkward items? Perhaps the storage facility utilizes a company forklift to create an even more convenient storage solution.

If you’re a business owner or travelling business person, self-storage facilities may offer more services than you thought. Some include satellite offices with telephone, internet, fax and other amenities for people on the go. Expecting a delivery? Some self-storage owners will accept parcels on your behalf and deposit them securely within your storage unit – saving you time away from the office.

Size matters

Whether you have only a few items or enough to fill a house, you want to be sure you are selecting a storage solution that meets your needs, but doesn’t cost you extra fees in unused space.

The internet is an ideal place to start your self-storage search. Some companies include a handy space estimator tool on their websites. This tool includes a number of common items such as couches, dining room tables, outdoor furniture, exercise equipment and more. Users simply check off the type and number of items they wish to store. The space estimator tool comes back with a rough figure on the size of storage unit best suited to your individual needs. This saves time when discussing storage solutions with the owners and puts consumers better in touch with their own needs – arming them with additional information during the negotiation process.

To heat or not to heat?

Some self-storage facilities offer climate-controlled units. Do bear in mind that ‘climate-controlled’ can have varying definitions depending on the region in which you live. If you reside in a temperate climate, climate-controlled storage may not be a significant concern. If you reside in an area with drastic temperature fluctuations, it’s a different story.

While it can cost extra, climate-controlled storage is worth considering depending on the type of items you wish to store. The most obvious benefit is protection from the elements, including moisture from rain and snow that finds its way inside. It would be a terrible shame to spend money on storing valuables, only to have mould develop on your furniture. Regulated temperatures protect wooden items, such as musical instruments or antiques, from the damaging effects of the freezing-thawing cycle.

Additional perks

Some self-storage facilities offer packing perks such as wardrobe and file boxes in varying sizes, packaging supplies like tape, bubble wrap or mattress covers or heavy duty locks to protect your belongings. Some companies offer a senior discount, or may have a trailer or truck available to move your belongings to the facility. Inquire at your self-storage location for additional details.

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New Year’s Resolution No. 1: De-Clutter Your Home with Self-Storage

New Year’s Resolution No. 1: De-Clutter Your Home with Self-Storage

new yearsThat time of the year is fast approaching. That moment when we all begin to make lists outlining the self-improvements we need to make in the following year. And while we each struggle to keep New Year’s resolutions throughout the year, one major project that could bring rewards the entire year and help us get that fresh start we’ve all been looking for. Getting self-storage to de-clutter and organize the home.


First thing is first, make a list.
It’s easier to keep resolutions by being specific, so now is the time to grab a pen and paper and start listing all of the items around your house and garage or yard or the many places where you’ve keep those possessions you can’t live without but are willing to set-aside for some time. If you need more space to redecorate a room or need to store Summer sporting equipment or want to set aside some valuable family heirlooms such as photos, furniture, etc. Be sure to be as thorough as possible so you don’t have to take inventory a second time around.

Set a deadline for yourself.
Break down your storage goals into manageable steps. For instance, after making a list of materials, set a time and date to choose a storing facility and visit with a self-storage sales representative to discuss different unit sizes and needs. Next you’ll want to set a date to pick up new boxes to start boxing everything up. Don’t leave too many days in between each step, the longer you wait the more likely it will be you won’t get through your self-storage project until February. Aim to finish this within the first two weeks of January (or shoot for December 31 if you’re really ambitious).

Think reorganization. Have a plan.
One problem that people when they seek self-storage is that they don’t think through how to reorganize the items they leave in their home to maximize the space or make room for new items. What happens often is that clutter is replaced with clutter. Plan ahead and think about what home rearrangements or re-organizations you need to make in order to make great use of the space you live in. Another problem is that we’ll store items we’ve recently received gifts of, for instance we’ll store a corner lamp because we’ve received a table lamp as a gift just weeks before.

Don’t store what you don’t want. Have a yard sale.
Soon after you’ve a made a list of items you want to put in storage and have developed a plan for how you’d like to use your added space, you may find that you have several items you don’t have a need for. Don’t try and force them into storage or worse take them to a dump. Try and make some extra cash in the process and have yourself a little yard sale.There are always great items to be found in yard sales so there’s no reason to think that you don’t already own several pieces others would like to have in their own home. And all is not lost for those items that don’t sell, take them down to your local Salvation Army or thrift store for donation. Remember that the goal is to de-clutter and organize your space.

Think about that fresh start.
De-cluttering our living spaces isn’t just about making more room and organizing our lives; it’s also linked to promoting good health by ridding oneself of bad habits. Perhaps there are things that keep you from completing your health goals, like for example all those books that sit on top of the weight bench or that freestanding cabinet you have holding junk food in the kitchen. When you think of storage and those items you want to keep around the house, opt to keep those items that help you achieve other goals and resolutions in your life, or in other words, things that improve your life whether it’s physical or psychological health. Put those things that could help you revert to bad habits in storage and notice the improvements almost immediately.

To sum it up, be sure to keep those New Year’s resolutions by staying focused and motivated. Keep your goals manageable and get some help if needed. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Self-storage is just the way to de-clutter and organize your life. Visit National Storage if you’re interested in Melbourne Storage options.

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